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SIMA Aguiluchos Look to the Future

By SIMA, 05/14/19, 3:00PM EDT


On Saturday May 11, 2019, the Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (SIMA) hosted another Aguiluchos Open Training Session. With over 100 kids in attendance, ranging from age four to 11, it marked another successful training session for the “Little Eagles”. The Aguiluchos mission is simple, to inspire a natural love of the game at a young age that encourages them to pursue further development.

The Open Training Sessions are led by SIMA and Orlando City Development Academy (OCDA) coaches with the passion and experience to foster an early desire to excel and grow in the sport. The Open Training Sessions are free of charge to encourage children to fall in love with soccer while they are young. The activities included age-specific motor skill development, space awareness and creativity. They also learn how to respect the nature of the game through decision making and unpredictability training. The young players participated in games planned to ignite their creativity and decision making in game-like situations.  

SIMA student-athletes were also in attendance as volunteers to help facilitate the training sessions and give back to the next generation of soccer athletes. Having positive role models is important as they develop so they are encouraged to follow their passions and reach their dreams.

With the increased popularity of the Aguiluchos training sessions, there will be a summer camp opening in late June where kids born between 2008 and 2014 will be able to discover their love of soccer while being able to make new friends and have fun. There will also be a final Open Training Session on June 8 to encourage further practice and development.

“The golden age of learning that this program covers is a defining moment of development for the young athlete,” said SIMA/OCDA Coach and Director of Aguiluchos Andrew Douek.

Scheduled to kick-off in September 2019, the Elite Training Program, will encapsulate the focus of a long-term player development program. This seven-year, 14 semester, educational training experience is built to prepare student-athletes for their future through soccer values. The final objective of this experience is to optimize their opportunities that must be achieved before the age of 12.

“The player acquires physical, technical and cognitive abilities that they will keep for the rest of their lives by maintaining regular soccer practice,”

More details will be released in the following weeks as the Aguiluchos Summer Camp and Elite Training Program including registration information, dates and times. You can stay updated with all things SIMA and Aguiluchos on our website and through our social media pages.