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2018-19 SIMA End-of-Season Banquet

By SIMA, 05/20/19, 1:45PM EDT


On Thursday, May 16, SIMA hosted its second annual banquet to honor the student-athletes and all their efforts throughout the 2018-2019 season. Each coach presented awards to their teams for the athlete that best deserved the Eagle MVP, Most Improved, and Coaches Awards. Over 200 parents, student-athletes and coaches were in attendance to support the program and those being recognized.

Mr. Warren Delmolino, Dean of the Middle School, was the honored guest speaker at the banquet and talked about the importance of teamwork and the qualities that the SIMA program teaches its participants. These qualities can be taken and used throughout life, even after their time on the soccer field has ended. Mr. Del wanted to emphasize that soccer does not define a SIMA student-athlete but is rather an aspect of their life and there are many other things that require your attention to make you a well-rounded person.

Head Coach and SIMA Director, Mike Potempa, talked to the crowd about the importance of the “student-athlete” title and how it is firstly important to be a good person, secondly it is important to be a dedicated student, and thirdly it is important to be a disciplined athlete. He stressed the importance of that order and how the SIMA program works to instill that mindset into each soccer player that joins the Academy.

Under the guidance of an experienced and trained coaching staff, the athletes were able to improve in each training session and develop a more in-depth understanding of the game. Now, at the end of the season, coaches made the incredibly difficult decision of who best deserved high honors for their efforts and dedication on the pitch. All awards can be found below corresponding to their team and coach.

Among the 180 SIMA student-athletes, 55 will be graduating from Montverde Academy to pursue passions in soccer and academics that are taking them all around the country. Coach Potempa provided the seniors with an open invitation back to campus because once you are part of La Familia, you will always remain. He also reminded each athlete that their path is paved with opportunities thanks to the seniors that graduated and are carrying on the SIMA reputation.

Thank you seniors your all your dedication since you arrived on campus and thank you SIMA student-athletes for another great year of soccer and growth.

SIMA seniors

SIMA Banquet Awards

Christian Neira – Goalkeepers

Eagle (MVP) – Marc Kouadio

Most Improved – Joao Freire

Coaches Award – Christopher Jensen

Ryan Rademacher – Porto

Eagle (MVP) – Peter Moise

Most Improved – Nicholas Bilski

Coaches Award – Zach Spangler

Nic Pretelt – Leeds United

Eagle (MVP) – Max Hartmann

Most Improved – Eduardo Nunes

Coaches Award – Sid Hartmann

Andrew Douek – Inter Milan

Eagle (MVP) – Sebastian Ressler

Most Improved – Mario Valdes

Coaches Award – Dave Miryala

Leopoldo Jimenez – Newcastle

Eagle (MVP) – Gabriel Ariza

Most Improved – Mateus Mayer

Coaches Award – Pavlos Tentomas

Kevin Varnado – Marseille

Eagle (MVP) – Joao Pedro Soares

Most Improved – David Araujo

Coaches Award - Akhil Patel

Carlos Pedraza – Ajax

Eagle (MVP) – Richard LaPointe

Most Improved – Vinicius Belon

Coaches Award – Ricardo Rego

Ricardo Paez – Flamengo

Eagle (MVP) – Joao Gallo

Most Improved – Matheus Maccari

Coaches Award – Xavier Laneuville

Toni Hernandez – SIMA/DA

Eagle (MVP) – Ates Diouf

Most Improved – Owen VanMarter and Damon “DJ” Smargon

Coaches Award – Niko Hartmann

Mike Potempa – Gold

Eagle (MVP) – Mamadou Mbacke Fall

SIMA Gold Award – Macoumba Ba

Coaches Award – Mohammed Traore


Junior Challenge Cup

Champion: Silver

MVP: Max Hartmann

Golden Boot: Eduardo Nunes


SIMA Challenge Cup Group 1

Champion: Team Green

MVP: Xavier Laneuville

Golden Boot: Luiz Oliveira


SIMA Challenge Cup Group 2

Champion: Team Purple

MVP: Harrison Hew

Golden Boot: Guillerme Rego