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SIMA Student-Athletes See 4th Quarter Academic Success

By SIMA, 07/09/19, 8:30AM EDT


Montverde Academy released their fourth quarter Honor Roll recognitions and 91 upper school SIMA student-athletes made the list with over half in top academic standing. With grade point averages (GPAs) above 3.9 (Summa Cum Laude), 3.7 (Magna Cum Laude) and 3.5 (Cum Laude), SIMA student-athletes are working even harder in the classroom.

A dedication to one’s studies is critical in the SIMA program and the emphasis on being a student first, athlete second, is the pillar of growth and development for Head Coach and SIMA Director Mike Potempa.

Developing effective work and study habits while in the SIMA program will help each student-athlete once they graduate from Montverde Academy and pursue their passions at the collegiate or professional levels. These habits help when balancing all aspects of life from academics to athletics and beyond.

Coach Potempa hopes that each SIMA student-athlete will develop more than elite soccer skills while at the Academy, but also life skills and academic knowledge that will make them better people and better citizens. No one does it better than recent SIMA graduate Bernardo Gracindo ’19 who finished his final academic quarter at MVA this spring with the highest GPA in the SIMA program with a 4.6, having earned him Male Scholar Athlete of the Year in May.

The SIMA program is proud to announce all of our student-athletes who have dedicated themselves to their studies to find success in the classroom. Below are all of the SIMA student-athletes who have received Academic Honor Roll recognition for the fourth quarter.

4th Quarter Academic Honor Roll

Grade Level Name Recognition
12 Bernardo Gracindo Summa Cum Laude
12 Arthur Hahne Paes Summa Cum Laude
12 Christopher Jensen Summa Cum Laude
12 Mason Lamb Summa Cum Laude
12 Matheus Maccari Summa Cum Laude
12 Luiz Andre Oliveira Summa Cum Laude
12 Gabriel Simoneau Summa Cum Laude
12 Gabe Sitler Summa Cum Laude
12 Jordan Bender Magna Cum Laude
12 Joao Eduardo Cavalcanti Magna Cum Laude
12 Joao Gabriel Curvo Magna Cum Laude
12 Jeremy Di Lallo Magna Cum Laude
12 Pablo Diaz Gomez Magna Cum Laude
12 Weston King Magna Cum Laude
12 Hugo Lopez Guillem Magna Cum Laude
12 Luca Mancuso Magna Cum Laude
12 Giovanni Saavedra Magna Cum Laude
12 Jose Victor Santos Capalbo Magna Cum Laude
12 Frederico Tramontina Da Silva Magna Cum Laude
12 Daniel Tregansin Magna Cum Laude
12 Caio Brando Cum Laude
12 Alassene Ates Diouf Cum Laude
12 Bruno Moreira Khalil Cum Laude
12 Giovanni Rock Rodriguez Cum Laude
12 Joao Pedro Souza Cum Laude
12 Mario Adolfo Valdes Hernandez Cum Laude
11 Gerardo Albuquerque Summa Cum Laude
11 Diego Berentsen Summa Cum Laude
11 Olivier Correa Summa Cum Laude
11 Lihaotian Deng Summa Cum Laude
11 Jean-Francois Grimaud Summa Cum Laude
11 Jacob Himelstein Summa Cum Laude
11 Santa Ihara Summa Cum Laude
11 Peter Mangione Summa Cum Laude
11 Anderson Rosa Summa Cum Laude
11 Joao Pedro Souza Summa Cum Laude
11 Eduardo Vieira Summa Cum Laude
11 Lucas Abreu Magna Cum Laude
11 David Araujo Magna Cum Laude
11 Vinicius Belon Magna Cum Laude
11 Omar Ciss Magna Cum Laude
11 Welnilton Rodriquez Da Silva Junior Magna Cum Laude
11 Luke Kawabe Magna Cum Laude
11 Richard-Miguel Lapointe-Guevara Magna Cum Laude
11 Lucca Lima Magna Cum Laude
11 Dave Miryala Magna Cum Laude
11 William Nascimento Magna Cum Laude
11 Prince Afriyie Owusu Magna Cum Laude
11 Pedro Weber Magna Cum Laude
11 Higor Brunetta Da Silva Cum Laude
11 Vinicius Cavalcanti Cum Laude
11 Gabriel Correa Pinheiro Cum Laude
11 Hamady Diop Cum Laude
11 Jahlane Forbes Cum Laude
11 Jaime Neto Cum Laude
11 Samuel Odame Cum Laude
10 Samuel Arrieta Summa Cum Laude
10 Gustavo Aviles Summa Cum Laude
10 Gabriel Carrillo Summa Cum Laude
10 Luc Granitur Summa Cum Laude
10 Akhil Patel Summa Cum Laude
10 Ricardo Jeronimo Rego Neto Summa Cum Laude
10 Gustavo Storani Summa Cum Laude
10 Kaleb Alva Magna Cum Laude
10 Jacob Green Magna Cum Laude
10 Andre Hahne Paes Magna Cum Laude
10 Harrison Hew Magna Cum Laude
10 Ethan Snider Magna Cum Laude
10 Jackson Shaban Cum Laude
10 Damon Smargon Cum Laude
10 Davi Soares de Souza Cum Laude
10 Victor Zaidan Cum Laude
9 Guilerme Cavalcanti Rego Summa Cum Laude
9 Issac Danois Summa Cum Laude
9 Landon Davison Summa Cum Laude
9 Mateus Mayer Summa Cum Laude
9 Peter Moise Summa Cum Laude
9 Sebastien Ressler Summa Cum Laude
9 Pavlos Tentomas Summa Cum Laude
9 Bruno Alcocer Magna Cum Laude
9 Noah Alves Magna Cum Laude
9 Gabriel Ariza Magna Cum Laude
9 Pedro Arruda Magna Cum Laude
9 Nicholas Bilski Magna Cum Laude
9 Davis Boogman Magna Cum Laude
9 Amadis Canizales Magna Cum Laude
9 Joao Victor Hackbart Costa Magna Cum Laude
9 Jeshua Mercado Magna Cum Laude
9 Parker Smith Magna Cum Laude
9 Owen VanMarter Magna Cum Laude
9 Eduardo Moreira de Abrue Nunes Cum Laude