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2021-22 SIMA Awards Ceremony

By SIMA, 05/13/22, 1:45PM EDT


On Wednesday, May 11, SIMA hosted its fifth annual awards ceremony to recognize all student-athletes and all their efforts in the 2021-2022 academic year. Coaches from each of the SIMA teams presented their awards to those participants that earned the Eagle, MVP and Coaches Awards. Hundreds of parents, student-athletes and coaches that support the program assisted at the NEST EdgeCenter for Sportsmanship and Wellness.

Head Coach and SIMA Director, Mike Potempa, stated the importance of the holistic approach stating the value of the individual first, its capacities as student second, and the athlete third. The families  support of this demands was acknowledged as the core of SIMA's backbone.

Coach Kevin Varnado introduced the SIMA Legacy Award for the very first time. Recipients can range from staff, students to alumni of SIMA  that have contributed to the program in an extended period of time. Sid Hartmann and Max Hartmann, student-athletes at Montverde Academy and SIMA since 8th grade were recognized during the evening.

Coach Potempa stated how "We challenged you to live a life of excellence in the classroom, at home, in the community and on the field.", and recognized our 2022 class, "Seniors, you have dedicated to become the best version of yourselves that you can be. We congratulate you as you head on to your graduation."

Thank you SIMA student-athletes for another year of pushing another notch up yourselves and the program!


Athletic Awards Recap

Excellence: Joseph Andema
Accountability: Rodrigo Pontes
Growth: Alekzander Bates
Leadership: Sebastien Ressler
Education: Pavlos Tentomas
Sportsmanship: Pedro Arruda

Sports Performance: Emanuel Leite

SIMA Youth
Coach’s award:
Oliver Anderson
Eagles award: Breno de Jesus
MVP award: Hristo Pantchev

SIMA Jr. Academy
Coach’s award:
Corbin Pierce
Eagles award: Marco Franco
MVP award: Alessandro Kelly

SIMA Jr. Varsity
Coach’s award: Matt Lim
Eagles award: Joao Gabriel Marques
MVP award: GG Franco

SIMA Jr. Elite
Coach’s award: Costantino Costantini
Eagles award: Pedro Arthur Albuquerque
MVP award: Logan Cozier

SIMA Goalkeepers
Coach’s award:
Marco Giannotte
Eagles award: Mateus de Souza
MVP award: Joseph Andema

SIMA Academy
Coach’s award: Arjun Rao
Eagles award: Noah Alves
MVP award: Daniel Malheiros

SIMA Varsity
Coach’s award: Wesley Siegel
Eagles award: Rafael Kuwakino
MVP award: Guilherme Wanderley

SIMA Elite
Coach’s award:
Pedro Arruda
Eagles award: Milan Diao
MVP award: Haya Yoshizawa

Coach’s award:
Alfred Baafi
Eagles award: Ali Fadal
MVP award: Misei Yoshizawa

SIMA Legacy
Max Hartmann
Sid Hartmann

SIMA Student-Athlete of the Year
Oliver Anderson