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An Athlete's Future in the Right Hands

By SIMA, 11/02/18, 4:30PM EDT


Developing Success is more than a slogan in the partnership between the Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (SIMA) and Orlando City SC’s Development Academy (OCDA) and Orlando City B (OCB). It means that at each stage of the development process, there are highly skilled and experienced coaches with a passion for advancing a young athlete’s mind a body in the game of soccer. 

In the youth age group, we have Coach Ryan Rademacher and Coach Andrew Douek. Both coaches have extensive experience developing motor skills, technical abilities, and creativity in kids 5-13 years old, where decision making is the main objective. Their passion to enhance these aspects of growth prove that they are the best coaches to handle this age group. 

Coach Jose Silva is responsible for teaching young athletes the basics of the game and understanding soccer through an individual perspective. With a Spanish Coaching License, Coach Silva fully understands the game and his passion to keep learning is the best characteristic to occupy this position.

From Weston Academy, Coach Nico Pretelt studied different methodologies surrounding the game. He understands that we must prioritize the kid’s performance over competitive results in order to effectively develop players.

Leo Jimenez and Richardo Paez, two former Venezuelan National Team players with professional soccer careers, are eager to pass their experience and knowledge to the next generation. These two coaches teach the importance of quality habits that transition an academy player to a successful professional player. Their understanding of the game and humble attitude to keep learning are great examples for our players.

Kevin Varnado brings great experience as a DA and college coach to the program. His passion and values are translated to each kid through every exercise. Coach Varnado is extremely knowledgeable in college guidance for young athletes and is one of the best in this part of the country. He has helped many players reach their goals of competing collegiately. 

From Venezuela, Coach Carlos Pedraza, imparts a desire to learn and improve on our kids every day. His coaching experience pushes kids to improve season by season for them to reach their vast potential. 

Goalkeeping coach Christian Neira has the ability to personally engage with each goalkeeper throughout training to maximize player development. In Chile, a country with big history developing some of the best goalkeepers on this side of the world, Coach Neira played and enhanced his coaching experience.

Anderson Cardoso, a former SIMA player and captain of the first SIMA team for Coach Potempa, knows the culture of MVA and values the program because lived it as a SIMA and collegiate athlete. Coach Cardoso engages and transmits these values to our student-athletes in every training session. 

Fernando Argila, the recently announced Head Coach of OCB, has worked closely with Mike Potempa for three years. Coach Argila’s understanding of the Montverde Academy and SIMA culture aids in his development of athletes. He is in charge of the final step of our academy players as they transition to collegiate and professional soccer. 

Academy Director, Mike Potempa, is controlling the last step of our player’s progression either to collegiate or professional soccer. Potempa stresses education and performance on the field as well as joining the personal side to develop well-rounded young men.