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The SIMA Philosophy

The soccer program at Montverde Academy is unique in that we are a true family where everyone is accepted as equals no matter the age or circumstance. As a coach, I try to create an environment of competitive brotherhood everyday on and off the field and allow my boys the right to dream. Too often in this world, we hear the words "can't" or "won't" and in our program, I challenge each student athlete to believe in their dreams and it is my job to show them how to get there through intense training, sacrifice, and most importantly teaching the game as a lifestyle not simply just a season. The ultimate purpose behind what we do is teaching about life through sport and Montverde Academy provides the exact forum necessary for success at any level.

Mike Potempa
- General Manager and Co-Founder of SIMA

Coach Mike Potempa, General Manager and Co-Founder of SIMA

The Institute

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (SIMA) is an elite level soccer specific training experience for anyone who possesses the passion to challenge themselves at the highest level both academically and athletically. Located near Orlando, Florida, SIMA is a program offered by Montverde Academy to its diverse population of enrolled students on campus from the United States and around the world. From world-class facilities to elite-level coaching, SIMA provides a professional training environment for any passionate athlete with the desire to work hard and improve. Students registered with the soccer institute will complete a full academic workload in the classroom on a daily basis at Montverde Academy prior to their athletic specific training schedule in the afternoons and evenings. Academic standards must be met in order to participate in the soccer institute as the combination and balance of academics and athletics must always be maintained. Success will only be measured by development with the end result residing in an opportunity to play at a higher level and continue to make your passion a career.

Training Program

The training environment at SIMA is focused 100 percent on player development. While match results will always play an intricate role in the process for development, it will never be used to judge the success of any one program. All participants enrolled in SIMA will be exposed to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological pillars of the game at the highest level on a daily basis to develop the proper mindset and understanding that soccer at the highest level is a lifestyle, not simply a season. It is our belief that the work done on the training ground makes the difference between a good player and a great player, and the difference between a great player and the best player. We believe that a comprehensive, well designed training program year around, coupled with a passion for the game, proper instruction, and a desire to work harder than anyone else is the correct formula for effective player development. Every participant enrolled at The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy will realize the desired results if they approach the challenge with the correct mentality and utilize the unlimited resources available at Montverde Academy.

What We Offer

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy is a year-round training experience that coincides with the demanding academic schedule at Montverde Academy. Our elite-level training program offers the following to any participant interested in practicing their passion:

  • Training at least 5 days per week from August to May with professional-level coaches.
  • Competitive matches year-round against local, regional, and national opposition
  • Specialized and designed strength and conditioning sessions at least twice a week with Claudio Pavanelli, Soccer Specific Director of Fitness and Sports Science. 
  • Transportation, meals, and accommodation for domestic events and friendly matches on and off campus
  • College exposure through the academic calendar year
  • Half-day academic schedule
  • Position specific training
  • Sports Performance profile
  • College soccer scholarship counseling and negotiation
  • Official visit coordination
  • NCAA recruiting process seminar for student athletes and parents
  • All club/registration/ and tournament fees included
  • Domestic trips off campus during the club season for college exposure